BBC’s Home Away From Home is after Smallholders!

BBC LogoWell – really – no we’re not 🙂

But this is a post I promised we’d pop up here on behalf of a nice lady at the BBC, who contacted us to ask if we wouldn’t mind publicizing a new TV programme. Auntie (as some fondly call the BBC) are bringing back BBC’s Home Away From Home, and they’re looking for people who want to try out a home swap holiday in the UK!

They’re on the hunt for people who live in a home they’d be happy to swap with someone elsewhere in the UK, for a short break.

Apparently you’d get the chance to have a new experience and discover local cuisine, sight-seeing that goes beyond the guide book, and it would be an ‘authentic’ place to stay.

This time around they’re particularly interested in featuring people with smallholdings! I can see it now – the frantic animal house clean-out the day before, and packing your own eggs as someone else’s just won’t be the same 🙂 It would be a grand way to see how other smallholders do things though!

Home Away From Home LogoThey’re looking for couples (partners, friends, family members) from across the UK to swap homes over the course of three days – the thrust of the programme is to provide a warm-hearted series that celebrates the beauty of our homes and localities in the UK.

The filming is scheduled to start at the end of May, running through to the end of August, so time is of the essence!

Their website is here: Home Away From Home

The Be on a Show page is here: Be on a Show

Or you can email them at, or telephone them on 0208 008 1468.

There you have it! If you fancy letting someone else open your various pens at the crack of dawn, you now have the chance 😉