Fruit Cage

As a 40th birthday present, my parents and Suz clubbed togther to buy a fruit cage for the patch – a fantastic present that I am so grateful for! Whilst the soft fruit we’ve planted there probably won’t fruit this year we thought it made sense to get the frame built – one less thing in the garage and it was a fun thing to do anyway! Here Suz struggles with the instructions, whilst I capture the moment and Clive, the fencing guru, does his magic in the background!

You can see here the 9m x 3m cage extends a few feet beyond the end of the raspberry row – this has nothing at all to do with my method for converting from meters to feet (multiply by 3) – honest. Lucky I don’t work for somewhere important where it would really matter eh? Like NASA for instance…

Fruit Patch

The twitch issue in the original fruit patch meant a quick scrabble to find a place to put the fruit netting cage, and patches for the gooseberries, rhubarb and strawberries that had already been ordered from Pomona Fruits and had arrived that morning!

The space which was provisionally kept free for a storage shed was perfect as it faced south, so today Suz and I set to, digging holes and trenches, turning the turf upside down after filling the base with well rotted horse manure, and planting the fruit.

In went:

  • Glen Ample Raspberries
  • Tulameen Raspberries
  • Malling Jewel Raspberries
  • Ben Connan Blackcurrants
  • Big Ben Blackcurrants
  • Jonkheer van Tets Redcurrants
  • Rovada Redcurrants
  • White Versailles Whitecurrants
  • Timperly Early Rhubarb
  • Hinnonmaki Red Gooseberries
  • Hinnonmaki Yellow Gooseberries
  • Invicta Gooseberries

The raspberries and currant bushes will be kept under fruit netting. The strawberries, which are yet to arrive, will have their own smaller netting, and the rhubarb and gooseberries will be left to fend for themselves in the open…poor things.