Glasshouse No.2

Try as we might, our toms just haven’t done well being outside. We have a dinky 2′ x 6′ greenhouse thing to start seeds off, but that’s been it. Until now 🙂 We’ve been kindly donated a 6′ x 8′ greenhouse by someone in the village, which is waiting to be collected. But another friend phoned recently to let us know of another 6′ x 8′ greenhouse going for a decent price, so we figured we’d go all posh and become a 2 greenhouse family. Indulgence to excess. This particular greenhouse is soon to be dismantled and moved from its current home to a new brick base at Merrybower. There we shall turn it into a spangly shrine to the tomato and pepper – can’t wait!

Fruit Tree Spreader

Whilst carrying out the first formative pruning of the apple and pear trees, I noticed that one particular tree was lacking in decent branches. We were down to three decent branches, but the fourth needed salvaging as it was too upright – not great. So this technique uses a home-made ‘spreader’ to push the branch back down to a more horizontal position, which the branch will take as the norm eventually. Lovingly crafted by yours truly…