First Tomatoes, Geese and Panoramic


Just a quick visual update. The first tomatoes are finally ready – what a slow year of growth! The geese are happily settled in and enjoying their new home, and we do have green stuff growing – including the line of spuds I’d not managed to get totally out of the ground – you can see the weeds we’ve had to leave around them in a line next to the compost bins!

Raspberry Shortbread

Jay’s recipe for raspberry shortbread … not in the traditional sense.
250 g plain flour
75 g sugar
175 g butter

Mix flour and sugar in a bowl. Rub in butter. Knead to form a smooth paste. Chop a handful of fresh raspberries in half. Throw into the shortbread mix, mix around with your hands. Out onto a floured board, plenty of flour, roll to 1 cm thickness – chop into squares – onto tins covered with greaseproof paper – into oven approx. 150oC (fan oven) for 30 minutes – until pale and interesting … with a lovely raspberry ripple effect throughout.
Serve warm from the oven with fresh raspberries. Delicious.