Despite the wet weather, we managed to grow three pumpkins, so at least Hallowe’en wasn’t totally bereft of scary faces…

Cheesy Bread

Think of Chelsea buns, replace the currants with mature cheddar, use spelt flour, and this is what you end up with. Gooey rolls with seams of cheesy loveliness 🙂

Spelt Bread

As an experiment we bought some white spelt flour, from Doves Farm. It is much stickier to work with compared to modern wheat flour, but it does give a nice crispy exterior and soft inside. The bread was made in old Hovis tins we found being sold off from the factory – they’re cracking quality – really solid, and the small ones are perfect for the kids to take their own mini loaf to school.


Piece of Leather

I have no idea how old this little scrap of leather is. The fact that the stitches run in a continuous line without breaking suggest that it’s machine-made, but the holes on the back suggest that if it is a machine then it’s a reasonably old one. There’s also an initial – W or M, cut into it – I can’t imagine wht an initial would be cut there. It looks like some sort of lace hole, but then they’re not metal reinforced, which I assume most modern shoes would have?