Finally, after a week of soaking in WD40 and a petrol/oil mix, then 30 minutes of heating with a blow torch borrowed from Gary’s father-in-law, Colin, Gary and I managed to free the stuck-on rotavator section from The Beast (a 1998 Fort 2-wheel tractor). It took a sledgehammer, several long pieces of sacrificial wood, sweat and blood, but it’s off, the PTO cowling and rotavator shaft cleaned up, oiled and greased, and reattached. Now just need to send the measurements of the PTO to Fort’s importer to see if we can still get bits for it!

Our first gosling!

We didn’t plan on hatching any goslings this year, but we did give 6 eggs to Pete, a local farmer who breeds poultry as a hobby and showed an interest in our Pilgrims. The picture shows the only successful hatching, a gorgeous girl who, unfortunately has no siblings 🙁 Luckily we know someone looking to start a trio so she has a new home lined up and ready 🙂 It’ll be sad to see her go though.