Preserving Produce

2015 preserving 1It’s all starting to come in! Jay and Suz picked red currants, white currants, black currants, whilst I brought up the first of the broccolli. There were also some dessert gooseberries and raspberries – the stalwart of our summer puddings (and my particular favourite). These will all be frozen in the chest freezer, but the broccolli will need blanching first. The best guide we’ve found for preparing vegetables for freezing is The Reader’s Digest “Food from Your Garden and Allotment”. It really is a great resource and has handy tables for each produce in the back, giving clear instructions on how to prepare each vegetable for storage, including blanching times – anything really to make preserving produce a doddle.

2015 preserving 5Another piece of kit that gets a good hammering in our household is the jam pan – useful not only for jam, but boiling up large quantities of water for blanching.

For dinner we picked some of the Royal 2015 preserving 4Chantenay 3 carrots that have turned out well in the raised bed. We also added a Karmen red onion, some Green Magic F1 broccolli and a Golden Acre Primo III round cabbage, which are deliciously crunchy and fresh!