First Plum Wine Bottled

Well the time passed a week ago for the third and final racking of the plum wine into a demijohn, with the last racking happening just before Christmas, into bottles. However, this week I’d noticed one of the demijohns had stopped bubbling, whilst the other two had slowed down to snail’s pace.

Today was the day to see if the fermentation had indeed stopped – out came the various bits of rubber hose, plastic pipe and sanitising powder. Decanting some off into a sample tube, the hydrometer read just under 1.000, so bottling was on! Five bottles later, we’d racked as much as we dared from the one demijohn, and as I use the ridiculous method of sucking on the hose to get the wine to flow, I’m sure I drank a fair amount – enough to get me out of school pick up! I really do need to work out a better system – young wine isn’t that bad from this experience, but then it isn’t that good either! Hopefully, if we can manage, it’ll stay in the bottle to mature for a year, although I suspect that bottle on the left, with the big air gap, will need drinking fairly sharpish!