Marsh Daisy Update

2016 marsh daisy chicks 3wksIt’s been three weeks since the first Marsh Daisy chicks hatched here at Merrybower, and they’re all looking beautiful to date! Here you can see the five we’ve hatched, mingling with more of our Light Sussex, and the nine Rob has hatched. Ours are shown individually in the gallery below, as we’re handling them to tame them for possibly showing. Rob’s are those running with their bantam mother, she’s done a fantastic job!

2016 marsh daisy chicks rob 3wks_rob_3wksWe’re keen to learn of any impact the darker head stripe may have – you can see it on two of the chicks. There’s also quite a bit of variety in wing colouring, some more a caramel and others a dirtier brown with more black. Again, there’s also a distinct difference in leg colouring, even at this age, with some showing more of the tendency towards the green hues we’re looking for.  It’s going to be an interesting journey!