Pickled Shallots

And here are the first batch of pickled shallots – the Picasso and Red Sun, both red varieties. With the roof of the mouth bite we got last year with our pickles, I’ve decided to refine the same recipe as they really were omnipotent onions. This year, same preparation as last, topped, tailed and soaked in a strong sea-salt brine solution for 24 hours. Then drained well, the vinegar boiled, and poured over the onions ready in their jars. Needless to say the jars have been scrubbed clean and left to dry first. The vinegar mix was one third spiced malt and two thirds balsamic. I went for a fruitier balsamic – Aldi did a decent one that wasn’t too tart, which hopefully will make these onions the equivalent of a winter stout beer – strong, rich and not many needed.

The next batch of shallots will be the yellow varieties, and for those I’m going to use one third spiced malt and two thirds cider vinegar, which will hopefully make a lighter, fresher, crisper flavour to accompany this balsamic version. I may even add some fresh tarragon to the next mix – I feel it might work, and you never know until you try! That’s this coming weekend’s job, along with damson gin making 😀

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