Preparing Seed Beds

That time of year comes around so quickly, it seems like only last year that we were preparing the veggie beds for last year’s harvest…

I’ve spent around 4 days recently hand weeding the four quarters, rather than spraying. The vegetable quarter seemed to be the most weed-free, and was the only quarter mowed by hand regularly. I assume this had something to do with it, but the quarter with sheep in last year seems to be picking up this year already – it was the worst in terms of grass coverage.

The Saturday just gone saw the whole family preparing the veggie beds. The weather was amazing – 19 degrees celsius, not a cloud to be seen, so hoeing the weeds seemed to make sense. Suz and I carried on with the weeding on Sunday, and I’ve managed another two days 3 out of 5 beds are now ready for sowing with broad beans, early potatoes, onions and shallots this weekend. We’ve also finally shifted the 8 tractor buckets of top soil we had down the patch that was left over from digging the paths out at the house. This area has now been levelled off and grass seeded, so should look decent, eventually.


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