If there’s one thing gardening has taught me, it’s to never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Especially when it comes to the weather. Making the most of an impromptu gap in the rain, today seemed like a good day to get more onions in the ground. The first to be sown were a 30′ row of Barletta, a small white silverskin onion, perfect for pickling. Then a row of Tris di Cipolle – another Italian variety which give, as the name suggests, an assortment of three colours of large onion – red, white and orange. These grew fantastically last year, though weren’t good storers, so will be our eat-as-we-pick onions. Then comes 90′ of the classic Bedfordshire Champion – a great storing onion that will keep us going through the winter and on into next spring. All of these are from seed as we had such good results last year from seed and it seemed a waste to buy sets if seeds work!

Last but by no means least are some Stuttgart onion sets given us by Farmer John next door who had some spare. These apparently are a giant variety so I’m keen to see what happens!


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