What Price a Bag o’ Lettuce?

Okay – the weather has been dreadful. Last year we had a dry spell, this year has rained so much the thought of the earlier threat of a hosepipe ban seems like a bad joke. Mother Nature has a seriously bad sense of humour. The down side is the grass, and just about anything else leafy, keeps on growing. Last year’s drought meant that the local sheep farmer was desperate for any pasture he could find, and we had no problem securing the ocassional flock to keep the grass down. This year, however, there is so much grass he is perfectly happy to leave the sheep where they are, so our grass has been left to grow, and the rain prevents us from mowing it!

On the plus side, lettuce is a leafy thing that loves the mild and the wet, so we’re eating it woth practically everything. It seems incredulous that people will pay £1 a bag for something so incredibly easy to grow and pick. We have a raised bed, 3ft square, and just have pick and come again lettuce in there. From patch to plate in 10 minutes, including the arduous 1 minute walk in between.

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