Everyone in the Orchard

2012 Everyone in the Orchard

Just a quick video of Suz, Jay, Smiler and Penny in the orchard, from a distance. As the camera pans around you can see the sheep we’ve borrowed to keep the grass down, the base for ‘The Barn’ laid ready (it’s a shed, in reality, but I have delusions of grandeur), then the slabs lain on weed supressing fabric between the raspberries and currants. This is mainly because it was a pain to mow inside the fruit cage, and it will help us keep weeds down as we now have clearly defined edges to mulch to. The entire fruit cage has been shift 2 feet so it now covers the strawberries (sorry Mr and Mrs Blackbird). There is no hardcore under the slabs – everything in the patch is done so that at any stage it can all be lifted and shifted, with nothing put down permanent. If this quarter ever needs to be put to grass again then we can move the entire lot to another place.

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