Finally, the year begins!

The day was empty, Suz was out to her regular ballet show, leaving Jay, Smiler and myself to while away some time. The sun was truly out, clear skies, no wind – perfect weather! We started out with sowing seeds -for greenhouse raising in the short term we sowed:

  • All the Year Round cauliflowers – 33 plugs
  • Coriander, 2 x 10″ pots (seeds saved from Smiler’s plants from last year)
  • Mammoth Leeks – 1 x 10″ pot

And propagators, to be sat on a windowsill inside, we sowed:

  • Shirley F1 tomatoes – 10 of those in a propagator
  • Improved Telegraph cucumbers – 12 in one propagator.

Then it was down the patch to sow a couple of raised beds with Lobjoit cos lettuce and Chantenay Red Core 2 carrots – last year the raised beds were free of carrot fly, so we’ll sow a couple of raised beds of these this year.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, it’ll be potatoes, onions, shallots and garlic that will go in. It’s a late start, but hopefully not too late!

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