Grace Update

We took some advice from Steeple Ducks about using a small stick to prop Grace’s beak open whilst we syringed liquids into her mouth- what a wonderful technique! It only needed to be about 8mm in diameter, near the end of her beak. That way there was enough space behind the stick to squeeze some nutrient mix on to her tongue, then quickly pull the stick out so she could swallow it. Not a quick process but less hassle for us and her to open her beak whilst holding her head in place!

Steeple Ducks also suggested that the Baytril thing is perhaps a concern about increase in resistance to antibiotics. Perhaps if we ingest it even in minute quantities we could develope a resistance to ones prescribed to humans? They may well be right about the Baytril – the first vet we saw about our ill bantam suggested that the medical profession was leaning on them about the over-use of antibiotics. I imagine it’s all related to the general problem with antibiotic resistance and bolting doors that can be bolted.

Today she’s still with us, and no worse than yesterday, which is good. As I said in my previous post, we have managed to get a small amount of nutrient mix into her, and she’s taking water and some mix of her own accord. She’s not eating a lot, but then she seems to be having little and often. She has started to dig into dirt that she finds in the grass – I wonder if she’s after the minerals in the dirt, or the roots of the grass. Either way she seems to have more strength, but tires easily. With our chicken it took about 3 days on antibiotics to see a noticeable difference so as long as she’s bouncing along the bottom but getting no worse over the next two days I won’t panic. If she looks worse before then then we’ll possibly take her back to the vets for more treatment.

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