Lost Grace :(

I’m sad to say that we lost Grace yesterday evening. She had been off antibiotics for 2 days, and had passed one small (about 5mm diameter) poop. She was drinking quite a bit, but would only nibble at food, and was reluctant to tuck into anything. Interestingly she would only tuck into the critical care formula, the liquid food we syringed into her mouth, and she was eating an awful lot of dirt.

We tried everything food-wise – cabbage, beetroot leaves, apples, orange, dandelion leaves, nasturtiums, rocket, grass, clover, poultry spice pellets, layers pellets – you name it, we tried it, and all were met with the same ‘ooh, I’ll have a nibble’ but then rejected.

We have left her with the Minster’s Vets in Sutton Bonington who are going to carry out a gross post mortem, just in case it’s something that can affect a flock. I should know later today, fingers crossed it’s nothing contagious.

As it is, I suspect we’ll be keeping our little female gosling, she may even be Grace’s.

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