New Trees Update

We’ve tracked down a local Beeley Pippin from which we’ve been kindly allowed to take a scion from this winter. To that end we’ll graft two or three on to MM106 rootstock and replace the rather ill cherry trees in the small orchard. So in the old cherry line, we’ll have the surviving Morello cherry, and then we can squeeze in another six new MM106 apple trees. These will be:

  • Beeley Pippin
  • Lamb’s Seedling
  • Pendragon
  • Breunsdorfer
  • 2 x Newton Wonder (from last year’s self-grafting session).

This leaves us with eight Newton Wonder to find homes for – I suspect we’ll be giving away some apple trees this year!

The Beeley Pippin the geese ate this year is looking quite dead now, so we’ll replace it with a Roxbury Russet – the oldest USA variety, dating back to the 1600s. It’s not the prettiest of apples, but apparently makes quite delicious juice and cider, so a useful apple.

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