I had a few hours to kill (well – we never have hours to kill here, before they even begin to look free something pops up to kill them for you!) so I figured I’d get around to more digging – I’ve done so much the last few days I’m beginning to feel like a mole. Of course, getting to the allotment I see neat piles of chickweed and pebbles piled around the place left from the previous dig so they get moved to tidy the place up. When we drilled the grass seed in the acre we left, rather cleverly I thought, the piece that would become our allotment. Not so cleverly, the surveyor measured it slightly wrong, so the piece we left as earth was out along one length by 3 feet. I kept walking over this to get to the allotment beds, but a rising panic today meant I ended up digging this 80′ x 4′ strip pver, treading it down, and sowing grass seed before lightly harrowing it. My father-in-law said that March was a good month to sow grass seed, and preferably the day before it rains, so with the forecast being light rain tonight I figured it was do or die. It had better rain is all I can say…

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