My Poor Back

Fantastic day out on the patch. Not only did I manage to dig the rest of the second vegetable plot over but I also dug over the remaining grass edging strip and sowed more grass seed. The only digging left now is the fruit patch but that can wait for a week or so.

Next door, Gary’s started finishing off his workshop cladding so here are some pics of how things look now, before he starts on their patch. Exciting times!

And another picture for posterity of the rear of ours, before the changes begin. To be honest, nothing drastic is happening here – the chicken coop and static run (it’s the thing with the large green plastic sheet over it to stop the winds) will be moved from the right-hand side of the rear of the garage to this side, facing us. The chooks will then have the piece of ground in the foreground in which to graze – this will be split into two so we can alternate the ground. I’ll also add some moveable wigwam affairs made from crack willow for shelter and ‘things of interest’ that chickens like to cluster around. I may even add some low level bushes such as lavender for more shelter and decent bug-hiding places. Bit like hide and seek for the chooks.

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