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The replacement of the lost cherry trees continues apace – today, with the weather being far more seasonable, I snuck off to plant several MM106 rootstock apple trees.

The first was a Newton Wonder, one of those I grafted last winter and raised in the rhubarb/gooseberry bed. I have to say I’m ecstatic with the results – the roots on it are so large and healthy in comparison to any we’ve bought over the internet that something must have gone right. Along with that we also put in the other trees I grafted last winter – the Breunsdorf and Pendragon red-fleshed apples, and another Newton Wonder that was potted. The difference in size between those kept in pots and the Newton Wonder lifted from the rhubarb patch is quite amazing – the potted is half the size. Unfortunately, the labels wore away on the three potted varieties, so we’ll have to identify them by blossom colour (the Newton Wonder is white, the red-fleshed varieties are both pink). Once we know which the two red-fleshed trees are, we can only tell them apart from the fruit themselves – the Breunsdorf has a paler pink tint to the flesh, whereas the Pendragon is a lot reddier inside. No rush though.

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