Barty Update

Well – the results have come back from the vets for Barty’s poop samples. Under the microscope no eggs could be seen, so we asked for a separation test to be done, where the poop is separated into its various components, each rising to its own level. It’s more costly and takes more time, but we care about our Barty, even if he can be a bit of a grump at times (can’t we all?!).

The vet gave us the all clear – no eggs or anything untoward found in the poop samples. This leaves us with two options – wait and see if he gets better by himself. If it’s something like an inner ear infection then that may happen. If it’s something affecting his brain, then we’re unsure. The only problem is that most head problems can only be diagnosed using equipment such as an MRI scanner – clearly not going to happen – or once the animal has died – bit early for that, Barty wouldn’t approve of that method. So we’re going to wait for a week or so, and in the meantime we’ll put all four geese back together again, to make him happier in his little flock. He does seem a bit werrity if parted from them, if I’m honest.

If he’s still wobbly after a week or so then we can try the antibiotic route, in case it’s a bacterial infection. Fingers (and wings) crossed.

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