First Incubation Starts

2014 First Chicken IncubationFinally it’s the time of year when we can begin our first incubation of hen’s eggs. As our large fowl Light Sussex flock is the thinnest on the ground, with only Daisy and Charles left, it was time to begin with Daisy’s eggs. We’re using the Brinsea Octagon 20 Eco incubator with an auto-turn cradle. This model doesn’t regulate the temperature digitally, nor does it control the humidity. However, we’re going to keep the mercury thermometer in the incubator at around 37.5 Celcius, fill one of the water channels as described in the manual, and close the ventilation hole by one third (so two-thirds open). When we’ve reached day nineteen we’ll candle the eggs – any still clear will be discarded, any solid will, in theory, have a chick developing inside. 2014 First Chicken Incubation

We’ve set eight of Daisy’s eggs – so eight Light Sussex, and to make the numbers up we’ve also placed in eight Derbyshire Redcaps and ten random Bantam eggs from neighbours. The idea is to check the water levels every three days and top up if necessary. Daily we’ll keep an eye on the temperature and alter the little red dial as needed. Fingers crossed!

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