Hedge Base Cleaning

2014 Hedge Base ClearingThere are always those little odd jobs that need doing. A space between the path to the Patch and the old hedgerow was covered in nasties – mainly ivy, nettles and something I didn’t recognise but had roots as large as parsnips, with none of the pleasant odour. So Suz and myself cleared it with forks, hoes, spades – anything really to get rid of as much as we could possibly find. The fun part was the fact that this portion of the hedge was used as a midden by the Victorian inhabitants of the cottages, so we’re always unearthing things. Here you can see myself and Smiler sifting through the soil – I’ll post the finds up when I get some photographs of them – but in a nutshell we found a Victorian bleach bottle, a few glass beads, a mangled coin celebrating George V’s coronation and a rather lovely little bottle.

As ever, Penny made sure our work was up to scratch.

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