We’re trying something different with the potatoes in terms of their spacing. The earlies are spaced at 2′ between rows, 9″ between each spud. Normally we’d plant the main crop spuds at 12″ between each potato and 2′ between rows, but 2′ gets rather cramped when trying to mound them up, and eventually some spuds are revealed to the sun. This year we’re trying 2.5′ between rows and 9″ between each spud in a row. The varieties we’ve planted today are:

1st Earlies
Swift – the earliest to harvest, this will break the potato gap following winter.
Vales Emerald – a cross between Maris Peer and Charlotte, great flavour and good general disease resistance. Also 25% higher yoked than other similar varieties.
2nd Earlies
Charlotte – lovely waxy texture, perfect for summer salads 🙂
British Queen – a heritage variety, apparently incredible mashed with butter. Can’t wait to try them!
Main Crop
Valour – one of our favourites, purely for the fact that we get decent crops here from them, they’re one of the few few main crops that boil well, and they’ve decent disease resistance.
King Edward – the classic roaster, we’d never be without this in the ground, although last year’s crop wasn’t great.
Desiree – good drought resistance apparently, but not sure about the flavour yet.
Maris Piper – a good all rounder.

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