What a Day!

With Suz and Jay popping out, Smiler and I got stuck in with more sowing. He sat in the greenhouse and sowed Incredible F1 sweetcorn, Butternut Squash and Jack O’Lantern pumpkin. I’d toddled down to the patch and started the daily dandelion massacre (every time a yellow head is seen it’s pulled…I’ve seen what a field of dandelions looks like and it’d be a nightmare to grow veg in). Then it was back to vegetable bed preparation, marking out the sites for the four bean wigwams and the six bean and pea trenches. After lunch Suz’s parents, Colin and Jackie, turned up and everyone got stuck in. Well, everyone but Jay who had remained at the house, up to something. Suz sowed the entire flower bed – Sunflowers, Nasturtiums and Marigolds. Jackie de-weeded the rhubarb and gooseberry patch, Colin took on the raspberries up at the house and Smiler helped me put in some broadbeans before continuing with the dandelion massacre.

We put in two 9′ rows of De Monica broad beans – an early variety that hopefully we can freeze before the main harvest sucks up any spare time we might have. Then we had a single 9′ row of Scorpio main crop broad bean.

As far as peas went, we put in three 9′ rows of main crop Onward marrowfat peas. The danger we have of crops we eat during the summer itself is that we have a deluge of veg, so we’re trying to weight the food in favour of storage, to see us through the eight months where there isn’t the food to be had.

After a seriously long day, we all migrated back to the house where Suz had prepared a gorgeous meal – roast King Edwards from last year, massive leeks that had over-wintered in the patch, cauliflower cheese and roast chicken. And for pudding we found out what Jay had been up to – lemon and lime honey muffins and mixed summer fruit (from our freezer stash) crumble. Absolutely amazing end to a fantastic day – full bellies and tired bodies 🙂

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