Good End to the Weekend

Continuing on from yesterday, once the chickens had their weekly clean out it was back to sowing and planting. The potatoes  have sat on the windowsill for the last few weeks chitting – today was the day to drop the first earlies into a 6″ deep hole and cover over. For some bizarre reason, whilst tomatoes are my favourite vegetable to eat, potatoes are my favourite to harvest. I think it’s probably partially down to the fact that they were the first vegetable I harvested, and partially down to the wonder of plopping one spud in the ground, waiting, and a few months later getting back 10-20 spuds! Last year I managed some second earlies (Kestrel) and a maincrop (King Edwards). Kestral are delicious as they seem to retain some of their slightly firm, waxy texture even when stored for a month or more. Kind Edwards are good storers and the small amount we grew last year took us into December after storing. This year we’re planting Aran Pilot (first earlies), Kestrel (second earlies) and the main crop varieties are Desiree, King Edwards and Cara.

So the Aran Pilots were whisked off the windowsill and placed lovingly into their new home.

The next task was to start transforming half of the old veggie patch into the new salad patch, where we’ll grow things such as radish, lettuce and so on. Eventually I plan to add a small polytunnel to it, only about 9′ x 12′, to start plants off early, use as a seedbed and later to use for salad crops. Today I dug up the remaining leeks from last year and sowed Jolly Radish, Ravanello Radish, Salad Bowl Lettuce (lovely wrinky type), Balmoral Lettuce (an iceberg type) and Bordeaux Spinach. Job done for the weekend and a well deserved beer!

On a side note – we lost two chickens a few weeks ago so with only one remaining we had to get her some friends. The two new point-of-lay hens in the background next to Aggie, are Maud and Star, and are from Happy Hens in Etwall. They look gorgeous and no doubt will start laying soon! Little do they know that the very grass-bare patch they’re currently stood on will soon be regrassed, and their new home will be in the fresh and much larger paddock behind the garage. It’s going to be a happy day for them 😀

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