The hay is made – finally!

Hay bags looking to the rightFive long days of turning the hay at every available opportunity and finally the deed is done. The last turn was carried out this morning, to dry off the underbelly of the windrows, and at 4pm the entire family turned out, armed with grass rakes and a box of 200 new recycled refuse sacks. Last year we filled 120 and a couple of tonne bags, so we thought we’d have a few spare. How wrong we were…

…At 9pm we had filled the hay barn we used last year, three bags high in places! And yet we still had more. The 200 refuse bags had managed to fit only two thirds of the Hay Quarter’s rye/timothy/clover hay, leaving us with no option but to fill our tonne bags as back up. Then we also had to pop round to the farm next door to borrow even more tonne bags! By 10.30pm, the garage was also filled with tonne bags, and the old workshop outbuilding was now home to around thirty refuse sacks of hay. Hay bags looking straight aheadI swear if we’d emptied our socks and shoes and trousers of hay that had made its way to any place hay can make its way, we’d have filled another refuse sack! Needless to say, this year has been a better year than last – the grass had grown longer with the great weather we’ve had so far this year. The seed heads are nice and big, and as we’d cut it long, rather than mulched, it’s a bit bulkier in the bag, which is better for air circulation in storage.

A late night snack for all the family and a well-earned drink, then sleep.

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