Asparagus Planting

asparagusOur asparagus bed has not really had it easy since the start. For some odd reason, I laid out two rows of asparagus, 18″ between each plant in the row, with the rows four feet apart, which I’ve since read is a bit wide. And to top it all, the bed sits in a natural slight depression, as does a lot of the allotment. With the bad rains we had a couple of years ago, when we lost our raspberries to the high water table, we also lost a few others things – cherry trees, one rhubarb plant, and half our twelve asparagus plants. So this year, with gaps obvious, and a new tighter planting formation, we added a row of Gijnlim F1 (row 2) and a row of Connover’s Collosal (row 3). We filled in the gaps of the Pacific Purple (row 1) with more plants, and started a fifth row of Gijnlim F1 on the end. Row four, which sill had four of the 6 plants surviving we’ve left alone, and once we’ev figured out where the gaps are we’ll fill those in too!

To combat the wet seasons, rather than bury the asparagus 5″ down, we’ve onl dug down a couple of inches, added a lot of compost into the soil, and then earthed them over like spuds. So they have their 5″ of depth, only raised. I”ll then construct a border around them and fill in the deeper parts until the whole bed is 3 or 4 inches higher than the ground level, giving them more of a chance in wet weather. The only issue will be the existing plants will be deeper than the rest, but we can afford to lose those six plants once the other 20-odd come into production.

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