Greenhouse Sowing Seeds & Brassica Update

BroccoliA grubby, wet, windy weekend meant time to head to the greenhouse. At least sowing seed trays can be done under cover!

The brassicas Jay had sown the weekend before were already showing themselves – fantastic! We’d moved them from inside to the greenhouse as they can tolerate the slightly cooler temperatures outside, inside their propogators which are, in turn, inside a greenhouse.

Today was the turn of the less cold tolerant seed:

  • Marmande  and San Marzano 2 tomatoes – an eater and a cooker, enough seeds for twelve plants each, from which we’ll pick the healthiest and strongest six each (although I can never resist and usually try and find homes for the weaker ones too, as I love tomatoes!).
  • Telegraph Improved cucumbers – enough for six of those too.
  • (Sweet) Colour Spectrum peppers – we had the pack lying around, never tried them, but don’t like wasting seeds!
  • Black Beauty aubergine – again, six of those, to fill greenhouse no.3 🙂

As all of the above are destined for greenhouses, we start them off indoors until mid May, then move them to the greenhouses once the weather is milder. At the moment they’re tiny trays of compost sat by the windows in the dining room. In six weeks time we’ll be wading through foliage to get to the dining table, and will be glad to move them to the greenhouses!

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