And You Think Coffee is Expensive!

Determined to put the time spent picking dandelions to good use, I vowed I would carry out the task of converting the dandelions to something useful – namely the coffee I mentioned way back.

Trying to speed the process up, I dropped the dandelions into a reasonably clean barrow (yes – the new posh black one – we’re officially a three-barrow household now!) and hosed the majority of the dirt from them before allowing myself into the house. I then topped and tailed them all, keeping some of the leaves for salads, the rest going into the brown bin as I’m lost for ideas that will make use of it.

Once topped and tailed, they’re scrubbed thoroughly with a nail brush to remove the majority of the brown skin – I’m really not sure if it’s necessary to be that thorough, but figure we do it with carrots and potatoes, perhaps it’s a good idea to do it with something else pulled from the ground.

Then they’re diced really small, slow roasted in the oven for about an hour at 75 Celsius, often turning them. Then they’re crushed. At the end of the day, after maybe two hour’s work, I ended up with half a small jar of coffee grinds for Espresso experience, great quality tho.
Something tells me there must be an easier way!

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