Khaki Campbell Ducks – Two New Merrybowerites!

Larissa, a friend of ours, whose tribe of guineapigs like our hay, sent one of those emails. It was a link to an advert, asking for a home for two Khaki Campbell ducks – Doris and Lilly. I made the mistake of sending the email on to Suz, who decided we could give them a home. I happened to be in the area on the Sunday, so in I popped with Jay, to meet them.

Their mum, Claire, introduced us to two of the most adorable ducks I’ve seen – so tame, and happy to be picked up, stroked, and plopped back down again – their beaks a perpetual smile! We were plied with tea and home-made cakes (which we forgot to pick up from the kitchen!!) and after a farewell to the ducks from their family, we brought them back to Merrybower.

2015 Doris & LillyWe’re not entirely sure where their permanent  home will be – apparently they live quite happily with chickens, but I know the mess they can make of drinking water, so we’ll have a think, but we’ll find a place for them to call their own 🙂

2015 Doris & Lilly

If you look really carefully at the photograph you can see three Call Duck boys in the background, their heads kept popping up at the sight of their pretty new neighbours – I see trouble ahead!

Apparently Khaki Campbell ducks can lay around 300 eggs a year, although I imagine this would be down to the particular strain. Having said that, we were given two presents this morning in the shape of eggs, so we must have been accepted!

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