Unwanted Callers at the Back Door

2015 larry silhouetted

Balancing on one leg is no mean feat (oops – I did it again!) for a tubby call duck!

See what I did there? Callers…call ducks?

I never said the jokes would be good! Still – what a lovely thing to wake to – three call ducks bobbling around your feet as you drink your tea on the back door step. This is what comes of allowing them to mingle with the new pretty lady ducks. The lady ducks have snubbed them – probably too short for them, heightest! Mind you, Larry, Curly and Moe were more interested in the ladies’ big trough full of water, and end up sat in it all day, bobbing around like crazy kitsch fishing floats. Mingling the two sets means opening up the gate between the paddocks at the back of the house, which also means that the paddock with weld mesh fencing that keeps the mini minions in place is no longer serving its purpose, as the mini minions are in the sheep netted paddock which leads on to the garden. Sheep netting is no obstacle for a call duck, and they head straight for the back door. I suspect they’re really looking for Suz, who tends to have pockets laden with various  goodies that would disappoint you as a child, but please you as a bird – meal worms and corn being the main choices! Our children tend to pass on the travel sweets when handed around…

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