New Duck House!

2015 new duck house

“Ooh – roomy!”

With Dotty and Lilly firmly entrenched, their new duck house finally arrived from Green Frog Designs. We’ve used one for the geese for a few years now, and know it’s a cracking bit of kit, so we’ve bought another. The expense of plastic will work out over the years through lack of maintenance needed and longevity of the material. It will probably outlast us!

Here’s Dotty checking it out for approval, before we’d even added the ramp! They’re both mixing with the boys quite well now, but we’re still going to keep them seperate during the night as the boys will become quite nasty next spring, and it won’t be fair on the girls. They’re managing two eggs a day, which is wonderful – apparently Khaki Campbells will lay around 300 eggs a year each, which is fantastic! To that end we’ve started them on layers pellets – the same we give the hens, as we know it doesn’t contain Coccidiostats – something water fowl can’t cope with. They also get some mixed corn in a bowl overnight, along with sand to help them digest their food. They also get a small bowl of mixed grit and shells, although the layers pellets should, in theory, have enough calcium in it for their egg shell production. It just feels good to give them something more natural to do with their time, foraging for stones and shells rather than giving it in pellet form.

The plan is to move them, once settled, into the veggie patch so they can get to work on those pesky pearl slugs! Yay!

2015 larry carried

Carry me, slave.

And just for the sake of it – here’s another photo of Larry relaxing!

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