Apples Picked and Ready to Go!

2015 ApplesOur first two batches of apples, ready for cider making! The barrow in the foreground is two thirds dessert (eaters) apples from our lovely neighbours at No.1 – types unknown (apples – not neighbours!), and one third culinary (cookers) from our orchard – type I really should remember but I don’t!

The trolley behind is using Tremlett’s Bitter, Slack Ma Girdle and a cooker, again, not entirely sure which. It should have been Catshead, and next year it will be, but we ate them all as they fell! Talk about organised 😀

We’ll leave them outside for three weeks to “sweat” – to give the starch a chance to turn to sugar. We’ll do an iodine test then, to make sure all is ticketyboo, and then hopefully get on with it!

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