Raised Bed

2016 raised bedJust a quick post to mention we’ve sown most of the raised bed, the planting list can be seen by clicking here.

For us, this is the *only* way to grow carrots – not one carrot fly has managed to infiltrate the 2′ walls and nobble our orangey roots to date. The cover, just cheap scaffolders netting bought in a huge roll, keeps the birds and cats away, though protects the slugs wonderfully 🙂

To elaborate, we built this raised bed out of decking boards, which are a decent thickness. It’s not lined at all, which hasn’t seemed to matter here, and is conveniently placed right next to the compost bins, when it needs topping up with the brown gold. The longer posts on the corners and sides give the net something to hold on to, and the net’s held in place by screws half-screwed in, so the net can be anchored by pushing it over a screw head. Simple does it!

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