Light Sussex Flock

Here we have our Light Sussex flock, separated from the rest of the chickens for the breeding season. They’re brought to the  small paddock at the back of the house, so we can keep a keen eye on them all – they’re fantastic to wake up to, seeing them from the kitchen window.

Colin is a cockerel we’ve bred ourselves, as are the ladies, so at the moment they’re a closed flock although we’ll try and introduce some new blood over the next year or two. The hen with the lighter hackles is Jacqueline, an old rescue hen that is beyond laying, but is at home with the rest of them. In all honesty, she’s Colin’s favourite and the other ladies treat her as royalty, definitely the matriarch!

At this stage their eggs are being collected, ready for incubation. We’re getting between two and four a day, which is about right for the breed. The hen in the coop run, waiting patiently for Suz to finish cleaning them out, is determined to go broody but she’s not quite there yet!2016 light sussex flock

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