My Stick

2016 my stickOne thing I really couldn’t do without is ‘my stick’. A few years ago I found a nice piece of holly wood, and whittled a really simple 4.5ft stick from it, with notches every foot, and a few inch notches near the base. When it comes time to plant out, some twine, two small sticks and ‘my stick’ are pulled out and put to use – it’s so much simpler than guessing.

2016 root patchToday I sowed 30ft of beetroot, 30ft of parsnips, 10ft of celeriac and 10ft of swede – the varieties of which can be seen in this post. When it comes to beetroot, I’ve found with the F1 hybrids the germination rate is so good I just add two seeds every 4 inches, and it saves thinning out once they’ve sprouted.

Then I sat back in the shade and waited for them to grow 🙂

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