Moving Piles of Poo & Dirt…

Today Suz & I donned thick gloves for one of those jobs that just needs to be done, but no one really wants to volunteer for it. The year old horse poo and acumulated top soil needed barrowing to their new home in the allotment. 2 hours later and only every-so-slightly dirtier we’d managed it. It looks a bit odd to see a compost bin and two containers of soil and do-do sat in the middle of a flat expanse.

I also planted out 3 more rows of potatoes – our second earlies (Kestrel and Cara) and our main crops of King Edwards and Desiree. On account of my rather dubious counting ability ( I’d run out of fingers) we have space for another 90 seed potatoes, so I need to find some quickly to fill the gap before the weeds take hold!

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