A quick update

Just a quickie to note I planted 3 courgettes stations (F1 Zucchini) and one third of a row (10ft) of beetroot (F1 Kestrel) today, both from Dobies. The Zucchini I planted 2 feet apart, about an inch under soil, 2 to each station and on their sides. I’ve also covered them with cloches. This is a little test as last year one of my two cloches didn’t sprout and I ended up resowing some seeds, which seemed to do almost as well, if not as well, as the early starters. I’ve planted 3 stations today, and in a month’s time after the frost I’ll plant another 3 stations not under cloches, to see what happens.

The beetroot advised me to sow thinly then thin out to 4″ apart, but to be honest, the cost of F1 seeds made me feel that I’ll sow every seed every 4″ and I’ll see what the germination rate is like.

Other than that I watered everything as it’s been dry here for about a week now and the ground is beginning to crack, and I re-hoed the spare earth again to bring more weedlings to the surface to dry out…mwahahah.

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