Dandelion Wine 2016

2016 dandelion wine 6Finally I got round to bottling the dandelion wine we started in the spring! I noticed it had finished bubbling away a while ago, and had this sinking feeling I should really bottle it. As is all too often the case, other events always take priority, and I would guiltily glance aside if I walked past the demijohns, full of the yellow liquid.

Well today I plucked up the courage to finally do something about it – besides, we’re running out of space in the garage where the demijohns were taking up valuable floor estate! I carted them off to the kitchen (which is a building site at the moment as we finally extend it to cope with more than two people in it at a time), and prepared to decant them to the cleaned bottles. I really shouldn’t have feared, as I pulled the first gush through the tube I tasted it, and it was splendid! I was also worried that we’d left the green bits on the yellow dandelion heads, some people reported this made the wine bitter. Well, it did have a slight affect, but really nothing to complain about, and the sweetness of the wine more than made up for it! So now we have 29 bottles (30 including the one in the fridge that popped its cork early, demanding to be drunk), and we feel wine rich for the second time in a year! We still have the plum wine sat on the shelf, ageing, so we have over fifty bottles in reserve at Chateau Merrybower 😀

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