Dwt Meet Barty, Barty Meet Dwt

Dwt & Barty

Today was the day that Barty’s new girlfriend arrived in a big surprise box, complete with red heart drawn on the outside and her name. Having travelled all the way from Wales from the homestead of Deborah Kieboom, she turned up with all the grace only Dwt could have, as we later came to find out.

Deborah had two geese left, her question to us was “Would you like a leggy one, or a petite one?”

Dwt takes control of the red bucket.

We asked Barty, apparently he has a preference for petite ladies, so Dwt it was!

In case you’re wondering how to pronounce her Welsh name, it’s “Dŏot” – the ‘oo’ is as you would say wood in English. It means “small and sweet”, which really does sum her up. She epitomises all that you could wish for in a Pilgrim goose – light, inquisitive and ridiculously friendly – the sort of goose that gets excited to see you and will follow you around for tidbits.

Far friendlier than Barty, she’s also had a great influence on him – since he’s been with her he’s also started to take apple from the hand and you can get the occasional stroke in if you’re lucky. She’s also highly intelligent – within three days she understood the ‘bedtime’ suggestion (it’s never a command with geese – they don’t like commands – you have to let them think it’s their idea), and would take herself off to the goose house, Barty in tow.


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