Pendragon Apple – Red Fleshed Fruit

Pendragon Apple

Pendragon Apple

Our Pendragon tree has borne its first Pendragon apple – in fact, four dark red fruit with amazing coloured flesh. The taste is okay – it’s fair to say these are grown for their ornamental looks first and foremost, but they’re not a bad eating apple. Maybe one day we can squeeze some pink apple juice!

I learned to graft with this tree, the scion taken from Nigel Deacon’s tree at Sutton Elms. Nigel was the chap who kindly taught me to graft, and I keep meaning to ask him if he’ll teach me other methods – he’s an absolute whizz with the genetics of trees, and specialises in collecting red flesh varieties and varieties native to Leicestershire.

Hopefully we’ll be using this next year!

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  1. Nigel Deacon
    Nigel Deacon says:

    Dear ‘Merrybower’

    (I do remember your real name!)

    Pleased to see that your Pendragon tree has fruited.

    I hope you’re still grafting. We’re finding Pink Pearl is an excellent apple – eating quality better than Pendragon; Brix about 17. Pendragon (grown here) is about 12.

  2. Dunk
    Dunk says:

    Hi Nigel, great to hear from you.

    Yes – I was quite excited to see it fruit, it looks established enough for me to not worry about it and it really is a beautiful apple. Yes I’m still grafting, I’ve planted a few of our own Newton Wonders a couple of years ago, and also managed to perform a late graft of scions from an old tree in the farm orchard next door which was brought down in March in storms. I was particularly chuffed with that as it was an old standard of which we know nothing, so at least we have a chance of discovering the variety once they start fruiting. 17 Brix is very respectable for the Pink Pearl – I’ll hopefully have enough Pendragon next year to test it more – this year we just ate them. It’s almost a shame to turn them into cider though – with that colour flesh a juice would be better!

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