More Chooks!

Well it wasn’t quite the planned addition to the chook element of the family here that I’d hoped for. A lady who regularly passes by us down the lane stopped by last week and asked Suz if we minded taking on several chickens of hers. She needed to sell her house and felt it would be easier if the resident chickens were somewhere else other than her back garden, and she knew we kept our own so would know the basics of looking after someone else’s. It would only be until her house was sold and she had found somewhere else with land.

How could we refuse? We had space out the back next to ours so Gary and I went to round them up after he’d built an arc for them on commission.

To cut a long story short, after spotting dodgy looking scales on several of their legs when we were rounding them up I whisked them off to our local vet who promptly confirmed my suspicion of scaly leg mite, popped an injection into 6 of them, and had to sadly put one down due to a secondary infection. They are now on the front lawn and they are quarantined to their arc for 2 weeks before they can go near our chickens. The eggs are inedible due to the injection and I’m spraying iodine on their legs to help prevent any infection setting in.

On the plus side they’ve eating fresh grass for the first time in heaven knows when, and they seem to be settling in quite well.

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