New Chooks!

Well they said it would happen. You start with two or three chickens, and gradually more appear as if from nowhere until one day you stop, lift your head, look around and realise you’re spending the entire day collecting eggs, filling feeders and topping up water. Well today the flock of 9 had two more added to it by way of a couple of hybrid layers – a Blue Belle of Czech origin and a French Noir of, well, French origin. The Blue Belle has arrived with a runny nose and is sneezing, so they’re both in our rather fetching, and makeshift, quarantine coop – otherwise known as a compost bin. I also learned how to tell how close to laying a hen is – if you place two fingers vertically over the vent, you can feel the chicken’s hip bones and if your fingers fit between them then she’s almost ready to start laying! At least that’s what I was shown, but then I’ll believe anyone 😉 Here’s hoping the cold clears up – I’m paranoid it may be Marek’s disease, but there’s no diahhroea with it. They’re both on antibiotics (Baytril) for now.

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