Poor chook

We’ve been here before, but I didn’t recognise the signs at all. One day Lonely (so named by our daughter as she was always away from the rest of the flock) was happy, the next day hunched up and eyes closing. Never a good sign, but checks for mites, lice, bad breath and liquid from her vent all proved ok, so off to the vets we went. Whilst I’d say I’m reasonably pragmatic about these things, we’ve grown quite attached to these latest chooks after they were left with us by someone who needed to rehome them due to their own house move. They didn’t come in the best of shape and it’s taken 6 months to get them settled and gradually introduced to the existing flock. We’re reasonably sure she was a New Hampshire Red bantam, though we’ve never been told that. The vet diagnosed a large infection in the body – most probably peritonitis, though there was no discharge. The chooks have all recently gone through the moult and she was just coming out of it, but the hard weather seems to have struck at a bad time for a chicken who’s putting her all into growing feathers and the likelihood is that a soft egg just never made it out. We had no choice but to say goodbye to her 🙁

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