-11 degrees…brrr…

The temperature’s been dropping gradually for a couple of weeks now, and last night it hit -11 according to our car’s thermometer (that was first thing in the morning) and -10 according to the weather station. The snow has become compacted into ice, covered with more snow, on the lane which makes for a mile of very slow driving to get out to civilisation.

On the plus side, the parsnips, carrots, leeks and jerusalem artichokes are all happy in ground in the outdoor freezer – shame we can’t dig the blighters out!

On a more serious  note, the fruit trees that are meant to be delivered any day have been postponed until such a time that the growers can lift them from the permafrost! The risk is that they pull them, then the ground freezes over again before they arrive and we can plant the, so we’re slightly nervous.

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