More Onions!

We use a 5 bed rotation system for our veg, just to try and keep any nasty veg bugs at bay. In true style, when marking out the 5 equal beds, one of the beds ended up decidedly larger than the rest so it has been elevated to the ‘cash bed’. We plant/sow more than we need, and the spare get sold on the front. Last year’s ‘cash crop’ were potatoes, which we’re still eating, and this year’s is going to be O’Nions.

Shallots last year seemed to go down quite well on the front, with home picklers, so this year we’re putting a fair few in. We’re also going to sow onions from seed – I’ve no idea how sucessful it will turn out, but you never know until you try.

Todays plantings are:

Yellow Moon Shallots – disease resistant
Red Sun Shallots – good salad shallots
French Garlic Arno
French Garlic Cledor

This means we’ve filled nine 30′ rows of onions, shallots and garlic, and there are another five to fill. Two will be for leeks, the remaining three will be with the onion seed.

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