End of May Update

With the weather being amazingly mild for this time of year, things are growing like the proverbial billy-o, whoever he was. The onion patches, both of them, are shooting up – with some of the shallots trying to flower already. The first lot of snap peas and peas are flowering, with the second sowing growing well, so the opportunity to sow the final row of both was taken as we’ve had some rain, with the ground being damp enough to help germination. The last rows of broadbeans were also sown – one of the same variety already in, the other from saved broadbeans from last year. Fingers crossed something happens as it’s our first sowing from saved beans.

The spuds are all looking rather fetching – can’t wait to try the early varieties in a few weeks time. We also planted the sweetcorn, as I can safely say that the frosts are over now, despite it being only the end of May. The weather forecast for the coming week is ‘hot’, and the outlook seems ok, so we’re going to risk it 🙂

We also put in the rest of the beetroot – but this time used Kestrel F1 as they’ll be better for storing (larger) than the Cylindra type we sowed in the spring. The final row of carrots were also sown, to give us our main crop.

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