More Planting & The Mystery Poo

As the weather continues to play nicely, we took the opportunity and spent a family day down the patch. Jay helped plant the courgettes and butternut squash out, whilst Smiler ran round the field a few times with Penny, until one of them had tired the other out.

The baby beetroot seedlings had started to be nobbled by the resident sparrow population which, thanks to the unending supply of food from Suz, has grown from 5 spugs 4 years ago when we all moved here, to around 50 this year. And they do like beetroot seedlings, so out came the chicken wire.

The latest sowing of carrots is doing well, though they do have this rather pretty little gold bug sat on them – very bling. Needless to say I gave them all an almighty spray with a very strong hose, to try and dislodge them – we’ll see if it works. No idea what they are though – if anyone reading this knows then please do let us know! Ironically, the marigolds were also transplanted from the greenhouse to the roots patch, to help combat the carrot fly by giving off a pungent whiff. Wonder of they also work on ‘bling bugs’?

Whilst on the theme of ignorance, if anyone knows what kind of poo this is please say! At first I thought it might be a hedgehog poo as it’s about the right size, and has a pointy end, but there are no insect bits in it. A vegetarian hedgehog maybe? It didn’t look furry enough to be a little owl pellet either.

We also transplanted the dwarf french beans from the greenhouse, and will add more as the year goes on, for a continual supply.

Meanwhile, in the quiter part of the patch, Suz spent two hours watering the orchard trees, which are weathering the hot sun quite well, all things considered.

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